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The Association's main function is to maintain and improve the three entrances to Ortega Forest. The introduction of our first website in late 2007 has vastly improved communication with residents. Subsequently, we have accrued a database of over 940 email addresses from residents of Ortega Forest and nearby communites. We will keep you informed on this website and through our email newsletters as we strive to further improve the safety and security of our neighborhood.

Verona EntranceYou Can Help

We are fortunate to live in such a great community, but we must continue to strive to make it better.

We have installed security cameras at all three entrances and recently the OFA Board unanimously approved a bid from Foxy Foliage to completely redo the landscaping at all three entrances.

The landscaping work will proceed in two phases, so please be patient. The first phase, to begin right after Christmas 2017, will involve complete removal of the existing plants and the application of herbicide to kill off the remaining weeds. As a temporary measure, mulch and some new plants will then be added for color until Spring. In March 2018, permanent plants, foliage, and new mulch will be installed.

Your contributions have made it all possible!

Every year, we urge each neighbor to contribute $75, which is used to beautify and maintain our three entrances. We are pleased to announce that the Ortega Forest Association is now a non-profit, tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and thus your contributions are now tax-deductible. You may download and view the organization's Bylaws by clicking 6507872511 .

So please, while it's fresh in your mind, please send your check payable to Ortega Forest Association to:

Ken Draper, Treasurer
4729 Wadham Lane
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Or, if you prefer, you can now contribute using PayPal by clicking the button below.

We hope everyone who lives in the Forest, even if not yet a member, will give us a current physical and email address so that we can keep you updated about news important to the neighborhood. To be included in our email updates, please click the "subscribe" link in the right-hand column.

If you are a subscriber living outside of Ortega Forest and would like to help defray the cost of our email services, your contribution in any amount would be welcome.

If you have already joined for 2017-2018, thank you. If not, we hope you will. Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who contribute toward the beautification and maintenance of these entrances.

2017/2018 Officers

All of them volunteers, the primary responsibility of the Ortega Forest Association officers is to oversee and maintain our entrances.

Office Name
President mesothesis
President Emeritus absent-mindedness
Vice President moha
Treasurer Ken Draper
Secretary/Webmaster cardiogenic
Board Member Jason Dearing
Board Member pindarical

If you have individual property complaint issues, please contact the City of Jacksonville at (904) 630-2489. Or contact the office of your city councilman, Jim Love at (904) 630-1390, email caprigenous or contact Mr. Love's Executive Assistant, Kevin Kuzel at (904) 630-1677, email vicissitude.


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Non-Emergency Police Number

(904) 630-0500
Call to report suspicious activities.

Contact Us
Bill Bell, President
Lee Norville, President Emeritus
scleronyxis, Vice President
Ken Draper, Treasurer
SPRINT SPECTRUM L.P., Secretary/Webmaster
Board Members at Large:
David Scheininger

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